CD 356 Response 1

I read The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori and found that I really did not know that much about it. We discussed in groups and my group seemed to all come to the conclusion that Montessori is a little too structured for our tastes. One group member is not a child development major and it was interesting to see her point of view on the teaching theories. She had a hard time distinguishing the differences in the beginning. I liked how Montessori catered to an individual child letting them take as long as they need, but it seemed as if there was only one right way to do things. There are certain steps when taking out an activity and there is only one answer a child can reach. I prefer something a little less structured, letting the child discover things their own way. I really liked how the activities reflected real life tasks, like polishing silver. I like being able to connect learning experiences to real life. Overall I think this style of learning would suit some children well, but I might choose a different approach in my style of teaching.