Passions and Anxieties

I believe that I have more anxieties directed towards policy and advocacy. I believe that many people today lack the knowledge of many policies and information that will effect their lives. Many people take the word of the government without doing their own research and coming to their own conclusions. The government does not always inform its citizens and it seems that younger generations are ignoring big issues in the world. We need to become informed to current issues and come together to make a change. Fukushima is both a passion and an anxiety of mine. I do not know everything about the disaster, but I have spent a lot of time following the news over this past year. Very little is being said here, yet it seems to be a great issue in many other countries. There could be devastating, lasting effects from Fukushima and it would affect our children and families for many years to come. We need to inform ourselves of this issue so we can do our best to protect ourselves as well as future generations. We need to come together, as nations, to come up with a solution for this issue that is currently out of control.


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