Reflection 3

The article I read, Three Approaches from Europe: Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia, was an overview of those three models. I liked how the articles were able to give an overview of the three models so that people who were unaware of what each model represented could get a general idea. However, I read it as my third article when I wish I read it as my first. That way I could see from the beginning that Montessori might not have been right for me. In addition, the article talked about the similarities between each model and at some points it got a little confusing because they started to all sound the same.

I joined the Waldorf group during the discussion and we talked about how Waldorf was co-educational, open to children of all backgrounds, and independent of external control. This was unheard of at that time when it started. We discussed how it focused around art and story telling, music, play, etc. which in turn helps children focus on motivation and concentration. One group member said they thought it was really interesting that the children made their own textbooks. I really enjoy this school model and would like to keep researching it.


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